Why S’mores???

Husband and wife team realized our beloved campfire treat had lost its place in pop culture and wanted to honor our fond childhood memories through the creation of new flavor combinations. Plus they are absolutely delicious.


How to eat a s’more?

The best place to make s’mores is around a campfire, but we know not everyone can get out of town to do that. So for the best results all you need is an open flame. This could be fire pit, fireplace, gas range, candle or lighter. Hey sometimes you are desperate and a lighter is all you have.

 1. Take a graham and stack a piece of chocolate on top.

2. Roast the mallow over a flame.

3. Put the roasted mallow on top of the chocolate.

4. Top the mallow with another graham.

5. Enjoy and make a mess.


How long do Mallow Mallow’s s’mores/marshmallows last?

Please keep in mind that our products are made from scratch. Store your s’mores at room temperature.  If s’mores/marshmallows are stored in their original packaging they are able to last up to a month.


What is your most popular flavor?

The classic s’more is our best seller. The traditional campfire treat with Mallow Mallow’s handcrafted spin on honey graham crackers, vanilla marshmallow and milk chocolate.


Do you have gluten free, nut free or vegan s’more options?

We’re sorry! These options are not available at this time. We are currently experimenting with recipes and hope to roll out these options soon.


Do you deliver?

YES!!!! We ship all packages via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business day arrival) unless arranged with a customer or stated otherwise.

We take great pride in shipping and want to bring the campfire to you. However once we have shipped your order, all control is handed over to USPS and we cannot be held liable for misplaced or damaged packages.

Pick Up

If you live in the San Diego area, pick up is available on Monday and Thursday after 6PM. Please email info@mallowmallow.com to discuss order. 



No refunds unless you are not satisfied with your order. Delayed package arrival is, unfortunately, out of our control and cannot be grounds for a refund. We want you to be happy when you eat our s'mores!


For all wholesale inquiries, please contact info@mallowmallow.com