Greetings from Mallow Mallow!!

The idea of creating Mallow Mallow started with a conversation in 2013, when we (the owners of Mallow Mallow, Daniel, and Latanya) were sitting next to the campfire. While talking about our most cherished childhood memories, one thing that we realized is missing from our present life, the one which has been our beloved companion of the campfire, THE S’MORES.

We wanted to bring that childhood memory back to our lives with some twists and turns. On one hand, Mallow Mallow offers traditional and classic s’mores and on the other hand, it presents new flavor s’mores to your taste buds.

We are always in search of a new combination of flavors for our s’mores. We, like s’more experts, always keep on experimenting with different flavors so that we can offer you the best.

We call ourselves smoreologists as we are the original artisanal s’more creators in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. We make handcrafted graham crackers and marshmallows from scratch and serve with gourmet chocolate.

We provide s’more bar service, rustic s’more carts with multiple s’more flavors to the events as s’more catering.

We also deliver our s’mores and marshmallows at your events and home, by USPS Priority Mail.


Our aim is to bring a smile to people’s faces when they indulge in our s’mores and their childhood memories together.

Thank You For Visiting Mallow Mallow!!!


 Photos by: Let's Frolic Together